Lanke Omu, The Palmwine Drinkard #5

Lanke Omu is a re-adaptation of Kola Ogunmola’s operatic drama, Omuti. “The Palmwine Drinkard: Omuti” was premiered on the Nigerian stage, precisely the Arts Theatre of the University of Ibadan, in April 1963. It was a product of that versatile actor and renowned practitioner of the Yoruba folk-opera, Kola Ogunmola, who adapted it from Amos Tutuola’s novel, The Palmwine Drinkard. At birth, the drama was not only expressive of a dominant theatrical style which had become a force and a definitive icon of Nigeria’s post-colonial – the opera – it joined other Yoruba operatic experiments on the formal stage such as Oba Koso and Obaluaye to register the adaptive and experimental spirit of the theatre practitioners of the age. And, of course, Kola Ogunmola’s achievement was that his invention helped in pioneering the adaptation of novels to stage.

Tunde Kelani is known for his great movies such as Saworo Ide, Agogo Eewo, Oleku, Ti Oluwa nile, etc.
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