Importance of the Mother Tongue -Oro Isiti #1

Prof. Sophie Oluwole is a renowned retired Professor of African Philosophy. She is a cerebral scholar who takes great pride in her Africaness. Her passion for Yoruba philosophy has opened a new frontier in the world of philosophy.

Tunde Kelani is known for his great movies such as Saworo Ide, Agogo Eewo, Oleku, Ti Oluwa nile, etc.
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10 Responses to Importance of the Mother Tongue -Oro Isiti #1

  1. Ajibola Johnson says:

    Nice one my Lord

  2. Abdulghaniy says:

    Brilliant piece!

  3. OLA David Oluwasanya says:

    This is highly informative. I have always agreedo with this thought since TO exposed me to it in 2007.

    There is need for more enlightenment for all Nigerians and I believe the more we talk about it, the more the impact.

    I not only speak Yoruba to my children, I speak even my native language to them.

    Thank you Sir.

  4. Oladeinde Ariyo says:

    I truly appreciate every word from Prof Oluwole. Upon the discovery that Yoruba Language had been classified as endangered and dying, i founded the Revival and Revitalisation Centre for Yoruba Language (Ibudo Igbedide ati Ifunlokun Ede Yoruba). We developed a 15 Point Roadmap aimed at returning the language to daily usage. We could only do a little as no individual, organisation or government was ready to invest in the project. Our people are content with always saying that Yoruba Language must not be allowed to die.
    The question is what concrete effort or program do we have in place to ensure the return the glory of the language?
    The answer is none!

  5. Oloruntimehin Temitope says:

    We need people like Professor Sophie to enlighten us the more in this country. Good one.

  6. Mustafa Adedeji Tukur says:

    One of the greatest dangers that any society could chart on its ways to self destruction is to relegate it indigenous language and culture. African languages particularly, the Yoruba language has become so endegered that the younger generation of Yorubas might not only be robbed of their values but the very necessary intellectual pathway to greatness peculiar with the older generation in their usual knowledge accusation drive. The richness of the Yoruba language in its content and context could be attributed to the vast ability of many great minds that have come out of the race. I’m fully in support of the professorial submission of the reverred scholar, Professor Sophie Oluwole. ” To kill a people is to take away their culture and religion, and replace such with foreign one “.

  7. Mama, God in heaven will bless you, e ma pe fun wa ma.

  8. taofeek Yusuf says:

    Culture is life and religion is its drive. When the two are jeopardised or compromised with myths, a catastophe worse than tsunami have befallen the generation.

  9. I am writing a PhD on use of language in Kenyan films. I am totally convinced, Professor Sophie. We have to do something about African languages.

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