What is Education in Nigeria? -Oro Isiti #3

Prof. Sophie Oluwole is a renowned retired Professor of African Philosophy. She is a cerebral scholar who takes great pride in her Africaness. Her passion for Yoruba philosophy has opened a new frontier in the world of philosophy.

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4 Responses to What is Education in Nigeria? -Oro Isiti #3

  1. Adewuyi Yusuff Adeleye says:

    Good afternoon,
    May God bless mama and make her live long.
    My concern is that, she made mention of schools/places where Yoruba as a means of explanation has been successfully tested and abandoned. As a Professor and unarguably a policy maker in academics, I’d like to implore her of she can help make a well documented paper to ministry of education and presidency on the need to adopt what is obtainable worldwide and which is the best means of educating a child like they did in China, Japan and many other advanced countries.
    Thank you.

    • Olakunle Oyeneye says:

      Adewuyi, what you are asking is not strange to the ministry or the government. in fact, that story is not new to me. So i believe it is not strange to the decision makers. The big change we can make is for a remedial classes/school that is not accredited to try and follow the said patterns with few students and allow them sit for WAEC. Then you can use social media to show the leaders and the rest of the world the efforts. And advocate for the implementation in our schools.

      Asking Mama to make a documented paper is a waste of time. I believe it has been submitted and trash long a go. As long as it does not bring money to the table of our leaders, it is secondary or nothing.

  2. Olakunle Oyeneye says:

    Dear Mama,

    I need to meet with you to further discuss the topic. This is coming at a point where i am planning to do a video of our indigenous language for the coming generation. I salute you ma. TK, i need mama’s contact.

    I hope our educators and decision makers will the cue from this. I am an advocate of teaching subjects in our indigenous languages for better understanding and knowledge just like the Asian and European countries.

    Mama, God Bess you ma for the Oro Isiti.

    Eyin Olori wa, oro sunukun re o, e je ki a fi oju sunukun wooo.

  3. Abdulghaniy says:

    As an educator I find mama’s explanation very comprehensible and plausible, although there is the need to research further on the different aspects of Education that she touched on.
    I think what we need is more collaboration amongst people that are deeply interested in Education in Nigeria.
    Also, the idea of establishing liberal arts college like they have in the US might be of help as alluded (I’m assuming, sorry if I’m wrong) to by Olakunle.

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