A Chat With Dr Ọmọlolú Olúnlọ́yọ́ PART 1 – VIDEO

I had looked forward to my encounter with Dr Ọmọlolú Olúnlọyọ́ armed with a tip from a family member to make sure I take something in the form of knowledge away from him. I have known Dr Ọmọlolú Olúnlọyọ́ for a long time and just like everyone else, that he is an astute politician, a mathematician, an engineer who is comfortable in the Liberal Arts and Humanities. In this video feature,Dr Ọmọlolú Olúnlọyọ́ reminds us that he graduated sixty years ago from the eldest University in Scotland established in 1411. He takes us through the murky waters of democracy and governance in Nigeria’s socio-economic fortune.

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