Afro Jazz Africa Beat or Afrobeat Jazz Africa – Fẹ́mi Aníkúlápó Kutì

I woke up this morning on a slow downbeat, facing the ceiling, contemplating my next move. I reached out for my device to gleam what the world was about and suddenly I came across Femi Kuti’s Facebook Live from the Shrine.
Thank you Femi for lifting my spirit.

I had no doubt when I emphasise that our currency to globalisation is our cultural heritage. Fela took the western technology, deconstructed and reconstructed it by infusing his cultural heritage to give the world AFROBEAT. In that tradition, the Prince of Africa music Femi Anikulapo Kuti placed the Shrine on the global arena by Live streaming on Facebook. We may not have contributed much to the technology but we can seize control of it and inject our blood into the pulsating heart. In case you haven’t already watched the video, follow the link:

Fela lives in Femi, Seun and others. I don’t claim to have said it first but Made is not far behind. Fela lives in all of us. And Femi, I agree with you totally. Africa, our bleeding continent has been looted and raped by it’s leaders but mother Africa will be united one day and will rise again.

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