Let me confess and let the devil be ashamed – of my passion and soft spot for Egúngún among the Yoruba Òrìṣa. The reason is not that far fetched; it is the closest to the source of my inspiration as one of the superior arts before Film. The principal arts, Orature, Literature, Art and Design,Theatre and Music are demonstrated in
their raw form.
Egúngún proceeds with concept, philosophy, design, building, review, costuming, casting, rehearsals, music, choreography, audience participation and continuity. Essentially, it is spectacle, performance, a festival and a celebration. A veritable opportunity for Tourism, Cultural Diplomacy, Soft and Gastronomy Diplomacy.
No two Egúngún Festivals are ever the same all over Yoruba cities and communities. Usually an annual fiesta, there is something to expect and experience. It is a re-union with families and communities, to share food, àkàrà, mọínmọ́in and other local delicacies. During the festival, citizens and visitors pour in and out creating business for the service industries.
We are indeed appreciative of the hospitality and support of Kábíyẹ̀sì Ọba
Abdur-Rasheed Ayotunde IV, Arágbìjí of Ìrágbìji and Éesà Muraina Oyèlámì (Igbá Kejì Ọba Arágbìji. We made many friends but notable are Mr Adams and Tọ́pẹ́ Anifat who ensured our comfort at Labalábá Restaurant and Ábẹ̀ní Appartments. Anytime you are spending vacation or visiting Ìrágbìji, you will be in good hands with accomodation and catering.
Till next festival, to all our friends, we say –
‘Awa ò nìí kú, ẹ̀yin ò nìí kú,
Ní ìwòyìí ọdún t’ó nbọ̀, kå fi àìkú dẹ́gbẹ̀ra.

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