ÒpómúléróTV This January


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ÒpómúléróTV debuts on StarTime’s STYORUBA 160 from Friday January 6, 2017.

Meanwhile we seize this opportunity to thank you for your support and we solicit your continued solidarity and please spread the word – We are committed to elevate Yorùbá TV broadcasting to it’s rightful place by bringing you high breed entertainment and information in Yoruba with higher quality and standard. Remember we were here first – FIRST IN AFRICA and we shall take the foresight and dreams of the founding fathers to the 21st century. Our youth must be prepared to take responsibilities and match proudly forward. Where are you? Scholars, graduates and undergraduates reading Yoruba or related disciplines? Now you have a platform you can be proud of. We need you and all your talents to come forward and board our cultural train.

Our new schedule each week starts on Fridays on Startimes 160. Thus:

Fridays – StarTimes 160, 7-8pm -Previous Episodes of OpomuleroTV

Saturdays StarTimes 160 7-8am Repeat Previous Episode

Saturdays LTV/LWT 9-10pm Fresh Episode OpomuleroTV

Sundays StarTimes 160 7-8pm Fresh Episode OpomuleroTV

Mondays StarTimes 160 Repeat Fresh Episode.

By this unique schedule you need not miss an episode, you also have the opportunity to catch up on all our previous episodes.

This is only the beginning, we have an impressive array of entertaining content  in development.  Your participation, suggestions are welcome. We also encourage students, professionals both artistic and technical to contact us through our email info@mainframemovies.tv or call for enquiries on 0818 642 6752.

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