The Mathematics of IFÁ 2 by Tundé ADÉGBỌLÁ – VIDEO

Ifá is not based on Boolean algebra, Boolean algebra is based on Ifá asserts Dr Tundé ADÉGBỌLÁ (Language Technologist). But that is not all there is to this pride of Africa. An erudite scholar, a teacher, lecturer, counsellor, motivator, linguist, writer, scientist, sociologist, mathematician, electrical engineer, computer engineer, broadcast engineer, Community Radio Expert, sound engineer, film editor, musician, guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, activist, athlete, he repaired pipe organs in churches when those were still in fashion, a philanthropist, evangelist, election tribunal forensic scientist, actor, a one-time boys scout and until recently he loved to ride okada! He has been described as Jack of all Trades, master of all!

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